SwapnoJoyi is aimed to empowering women through working facilities, economic opportunity, and leadership development

In order to implement Vision 41 of Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, which focuses on empowering women and building a modern Bangladesh, we are introducing an initiative called “SwapnoJoyi”. Our goal is to ensure that women remain at the forefront of this transformative process. We think that everyone has untapped potential, including many women in our culture, whose skills frequently go unappreciated because of family and societal obligations. To address this issue, we have created an online platform called SwapnoJoyi. This platform provides an opportunity for women to showcase and monetize their skills, creativity, and artistry by creating and publishing various products. Each user will have a profile on the site that will allow them to list and sell their products, earning money in the process.

It’s important to mention that we are committed to maintaining fairness and impartiality throughout this process. To ensure that the skills and abilities of each talented girl who wishes to participate are fairly evaluated, a verification test will be needed.

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